Contributions to the open-source community

Contributions to the open-source community

GabSoftware, as an open-source actor itself, is willing to contribute actively to the open-source community. We sometimes find bugs that nobody else corrected before, or some functionalities are missing in the products we like to use. This section is about all the contributions we have done so far.

Please pay special attention to the following 6 points, as we will not answer any message resulting of the misreading of those points :

  1. We are not the authors of those products, we are just contributors.
  2. We claim no ownership on our contributions, we only claim the authorship of the modified lines of code if the original product license authorizes it.
  3. Each of our contributions is released under the strictly same license as the original product.
  4. No support is provided for those contributions, mostly for lack of time.
  5. We can’t be taken responsible for any damage resulting of the use of those contributions. Use at your own risk.
  6. We do not accept any feature request. Such thing should be asked to the original product author(s).

Here is the list of our contributions to the open-source community :

22 Responses

  1. Guti says:

    Good the new section, and good you are also contributing to HeidiSQL, I regulary use it too, even if it is Delphi!

  2. Guti says:

    I was looking at the SumatraPDF SVN repository, and I do not see your patch included in the official release. Do you know if it has been integrated yet?

    Can’t wait for a new release of SumatraPDF, with native x64 compile, and the new updates on GDI+!


  3. Hello,
    I don’t know if the author even knows about my x64 compilation, so this is very unlikely that he will include my changes for now…

  4. What are those updates on GDI+ ?

  5. Guti says:

    It would be nice if you follow the steps at so your great patch gets visibility. It basicaly consists on creating an issue, and then reference your patch.

    The GDI+ updates consist on migrating the print and screen rendering from GDI to GDI+, which could be hardware accelerated by Windows, resulting in a faster performance.

  6. Guti says:

    BTW, you can take a look at the precompiled x86 binaries of the latest snapshot at

  7. Thank you, I will definitely get a look at it when I have some free time 😉

  8. Guti says:

    As usual, thank you for your effort Gabriel.

  9. A new x64 build has been released. It is revision 2129. Please let me know if it works for you; it works fine on my computer. This release should be more stable because a lot of fixes about type conversions and casting have been made.

  10. Guti says:

    Just got it, and tested with a couple of samples, and works pretty fine. I feel it a bit faster than previous one, not sure if due to your changes, or due to the official source changes, but looks good.

    I will use this new build as my primary version, and keep you informed if any issue happens.

    Also I see you have done good progress in the issue #1031 (, so I guess as soon as makefile is fine to compile x64, this will version will be automatically included in the official builds.

    Well done!

  11. Guti says:

    After some hours of regular usage of your x64 r2129, with dozens of PDF files, it is working pretty stable and fine. The degree of compatibility is exactly the same as the x86 r2129, and is noticeable faster than the official one, with bigger files.

  12. I’m glad to hear that ! It means that at least I did not introduced too much new bugs 🙂

  13. Guti says:

    Hello again Gabriel,

    Now that x64 fixes provided by you and another contributor have been integrated on the repository, and since the official project is not considering yet releasing prerelease x64 builds (, it would be hightly appreciated if you could perform some regular x64 compiles of the source, and make them available.


    • Hi,

      I understand, however the x64 builds are made on my free time, so I cannot promise that there will be regular builds. I will continue to release x64 builds sometimes, though.

  14. Guti says:

    I have decided to create my own x64 compiles. With latest contributions by you, they are quite easy to be done.

    I also have added some build chain tweaks, and are generating the x86 binary as well.

    Find them at:

  15. Nice ! And like this you will not depend on my free time 😉

  16. Guti says:

    I must admit it is funny to build it.
    I have been playing around with compiler switches in the makefile, and getting quite efficient builds now.

  17. Guti says:

    Just noticed that when selecting Change language item menu in your x64 build, produces a runtime exception. Have been trying to debug it, but no clues.
    Maybe you have some time to look at it?

  18. I confirm this behavior on version 1.4 from trunk too. I don’t know why though. Probably the one case where type casting matters…

  19. Guti says:

    Hi Gabriel, this is just to inform you than I have just build r3305, and seems the codebase has been fixed. Now changing language does not produce any crash when compiled as a x64 binary.

    As usual, you can find these builds at

  20. Cecil says:

    SumatraPDF 1.5.1 was released on 2011-04-26.
    Any plan to update your x64 build?

    By the way, does your x64 build provide x64 iFilter?

  21. Hi Cecil,

    I have currently no plan to update the x64 build of SumatraPDF as I am busy with something else (Counterize III that you can see below). I do not know if my build provide x64 iFilter. I will probably release a new build before the end of the year, but can’t say when though.


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