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  • Hi,
    i'am using counterize plugin for my blog and i think it's the better stat plugin.
    But each time i update the plugin, i have to modify the source.
    Is it possible to add gethostbyaddr(), that counterize will return the hostname not the ip ?

  • Hi oeufdure,
    Could you tell me what you are modifying exactly?
    So that I could eventually add it in a next release of Counterize.


  • Gabriel, your plugin is great. I would llike to have it in italian. do you have the traslated file? Thanks in advance

  • I supposed I wrote my request in the wrong page (previous post)

    The question is about bots/crawlers.

    I noticed that in my stats there are IPs visiting the blog hundreds of times. Checking their origin, I discovered they are all google, msn, yahoo etc etc crawlers.

    In the first-first counterize version, you were allowed to compile and update an IPs exclude list. The IPs in that list were not even logged.

    Which is the current Counterize version tool/setting that permits to reject such IPs?

    About translation, do you have any page where to discuss/download the file with strings to be translated? I can translate it for the Italian version.

    Thank you for any reply

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