Translation, language testing and proofreading

We offer professional translation, language testing and proofreading services since 2010.

Translation service

We can help you to translate documents in the following language pairs:

    • English to French
    • English to Chinese
    • French to English *
    • French to Chinese
    • Chinese to English *
    • Chinese to French

We charge on a per-word basis. Our rates depend on how technical is the source and how fast it has to be done . Our rates are detailed in the table below:

Rates per translated word (in USD)
Language pair Standard rate Technical Urgent Urgent and technical
EN to FR 0.08 0.12 0.15 0.22
EN to CH 0.10 0.15
FR to EN * 0.08 0.12 0.15 0.22
FR to CH 0.15 0.25
CH to EN * 0.12 0.20
CH to FR 0.15 0.25

*: Not a native English speaker

If you prefer to pay us on a hourly basis, multiply the rate per word by 200 (for example, an EN to FR at standard rate will be $0.08 × 200 = $16 per hour).

Language testing and proofreading

We also provide a language testing and proofreading service. this can be done in the following languages:

    • French
    • Chinese

We charge by the hour. French language testing can be done on site if needed as long as plane tickets and accommodations are provided. Consider our rates below:

Rates per hour (in USD)
Language Standard rate Technical Urgent Urgent and technical On site
French 14.00 18.00 18.00 22.00 22.00
Chinese 12.00 17.00

If you prefer to pay on a per-word basis, divide the rate per hour by 200 (for example, French at standard rate will be $14 ÷ 200 = $0.07 per word).


  • We respect the typographical rules of each language (spacing, case, punctuation, numerals…)
  • We attach a particular importance on the quality of our work. Your satisfaction is our goal.
  • We accept other currencies than USD (eg: EUR, CNY, THB…) as long as the exchange rate is fair
  • Is considered technical:
    • Any document requiring specific technical knowledge to understand it properly
    • Any document requiring specific software to open it
    • Any manual
    • Any technical specifications
    • Any document about general or legal conditions (an EULA for example)
  • Is considered urgent:
    • Any translation that must be done within 48 hours after announcement
    • Any language testing or proofreading that must be done within the day of announcement