Counterize demo

This page demonstrates some of the statistics you can include in your posts and pages. The required code to obtain each table is given.

Counterize adds one shortcode available in your editor. The most basic shortcode is:  [[counterize]]

Hits statistics

[counterize type=”hits”]

Code to display this: [[counterize type=”hits”]]

[counterize type=”browsers” collapsible=”yes”]

Code to display this: [[counterize type=”browsers” collapsible=”yes”]]

[counterize type=”browsers”]

Code to display this: [[counterize type=”browsers”]]

[counterize type=”browsers” version=”no”]

Code to display this: [[counterize type=”browsers” version=”no”]]

[counterize type=”os” collapsible=”yes”]

Code to display this: [[counterize type=”os” collapsible=”yes”]]

[counterize type=”os”]

Code to display this: [[counterize type=”os”]]

[counterize type=”os” version=”no”]

Code to display this:[ [counterize type=”os” version=”no”]]

[counterize type=”ip” period=””]

Code to display this: [[counterize type=”ip” period=””]]

[counterize type=”ip”]

Code to display this: [[counterize type=”ip”]]

[counterize type=”countries” period=””]

Code to display this: [[counterize type=”countries” period=””]]

[counterize type=”countries”]

Code to display this: [[counterize type=”countries”]]

[counterize type=”posts” period=””]

Code to display this: [[counterize type=”posts” period=””]]

[counterize type=”posts”]

Code to display this: [[counterize type=”posts”]]

[counterize type=”urls” period=””]

Code to display this: [[counterize type=”urls” period=””]]

[counterize type=”urls”]

Code to display this: [[counterize type=”urls”]]

[counterize type=”referers” period=””]

Code to display this: [[counterize type=”referers” period=””]]

[counterize type=”referers”]

Code to display this: [[counterize type=”referers”]]

[counterize type=”keywords” period=””]

Code to display this: [[counterize type=”keywords” period=””]]

[counterize type=”keywords”]

Code to display this: [[counterize type=”keywords”]]

[counterize type=”outlinks” period=””]

Code to display this: [[counterize type=”outlinks” period=””]]

[counterize type=”outlinks”]

Code to display this: [[counterize type=”outlinks”]]

Code to display this copyright notice: [[counterize]]

More options are available for the shortcode, just click on the Counterize button in the Visual editor to check it out.

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Gabriel Hautclocq:

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  • On my site, I installed the plugin..but how do i view these graphs and info... I can't find it. Please help. Thanks.

  • When you add a post or a page, click in the HTML view button, then add one of the codes described in the demo.

    For example, write the following to display the table on top of the post:

    <!-- counterize_stats_hits -->
  • I tried both with a page and with a post but the editor inserts a blank between "<" and "!" so what I see in the published page/post is just the code like

    could you help me ?

    • Did you try in HTML mode? You can't write this in the normal mode of the post editor.

  • Yes, that what I've done, but if I swith to "Visual" mode and back to HTML, then I see:

    <!-- counterize_stats_pages_10 -->
  • here is a problem of html interpretation of the comment system: What I see is ( I put a _ between chars)

    &_l_t_; !−− counterize_stats_pages_10 −−&_g_t_;_

  • I just tested. Switching between Visual and HTML mode does not change '' to '& l t ;' and '& g t ;'... What is your Wordpress version?

  • Dear Andrea,

    Your problem made me think to use another magic string to display statistics in posts. A string that does not contain any XML reserved characters. Maybe ###COUNTERIZE_function_name### for example. It will be available in the next version of Counterize ;)

  • sorry...what I said is that now the code seems to be ok, but I am not able to see anche stat because the plugin is just installed

    PS why any time I leave these comments on your site I get SQL errors ?

    • You see SQL errors because I am currently debugging my plugins ;)

  • . . . but still not able to show stats in italian; I followed your instructions and, using poedit, I have produced the counterize-it files (.po and .mo) but the plugin is still in english nevertheless wordpress is in italian

    Any advice ?

    • Try to choose "Italy" as your country in Poedit, and rename the files to instead of It was a mistake from me to ask to not choose the country.

      By the way I am releasing version 3.0.13 later which change quite a few sentences. Be ready to update your translation ;)

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