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  1. Ryan Mooney says:

    On my site, I installed the plugin..but how do i view these graphs and info… I can’t find it. Please help. Thanks.

  2. When you add a post or a page, click in the HTML view button, then add one of the codes described in the demo.

    For example, write the following to display the table on top of the post:

    <!-- counterize_stats_hits -->
  3. andrea says:

    I tried both with a page and with a post but the editor inserts a blank between “<" and "!" so what I see in the published page/post is just the code like

    could you help me ?

  4. andrea says:

    Yes, that what I’ve done, but if I swith to “Visual” mode and back to HTML, then I see:

    <!-- counterize_stats_pages_10 -->
  5. andrea says:

    here is a problem of html interpretation of the comment system: What I see is ( I put a _ between chars)

    &_l_t_; !−− counterize_stats_pages_10 −−&_g_t_;_

  6. I just tested. Switching between Visual and HTML mode does not change ‘<' and '>‘ to ‘& l t ;’ and ‘& g t ;’… What is your WordPress version?

  7. Dear Andrea,

    Your problem made me think to use another magic string to display statistics in posts. A string that does not contain any XML reserved characters. Maybe ###COUNTERIZE_function_name### for example. It will be available in the next version of Counterize 😉

  8. andrea says:

    sorry…what I said is that now the code seems to be ok, but I am not able to see anche stat because the plugin is just installed

    PS why any time I leave these comments on your site I get SQL errors ?

  9. andrea says:

    . . . but still not able to show stats in italian; I followed your instructions and, using poedit, I have produced the counterize-it files (.po and .mo) but the plugin is still in english nevertheless wordpress is in italian

    Any advice ?

    • Try to choose “Italy” as your country in Poedit, and rename the files to instead of It was a mistake from me to ask to not choose the country.

      By the way I am releasing version 3.0.13 later which change quite a few sentences. Be ready to update your translation 😉

  10. Rob says:

    Hi and thanks for the plugin.

    I inserted into my header but all I get is the number 0 (zero). I also tried it in my sidebar as you recommend on this page –

    Any idea why it won’t count?


  11. ty me says:

    What code would I use to just show the unique hits on the site and not all of the stats for hits?


  12. jojo says:

    great plugin

  13. Hi ty me,

    Just use some of the available functions. For example,

  14. Tony says:

    The following line works for me in wordpress 3.2

    #- counterize_stats_hits -#

  15. neo says:

    I have into my footer ?php echo counterize_getuniqueamount(); ?>, but I want to get the total hits.
    Could you please help me?
    Thx in advance,

  16. neo says:

    Ok, I got my answer reading the readme.html file:

    echo counterize_getamount()

  17. Agni Sharman says:

    unable to insert code… even in HTML mode

  18. ohsalamanca says:

    I fail to publish statistics on page .. I tried with # – counterize_stats_hits – # or

    or echo counterize_getuniqueURL();

    WordPress version is: 3.0.1

    some help..

  19. Hugh Stewart says:

    I love the demo but I can’t get it to work:
    Here’s what’s on the page:
    Statistics initialized on Jan 7, 2012

    #- counterize_stats_hits -#

    #- counterize_stats_countries_5 -#

    #- counterize_stats_referers_5 -#

    #- counterize_stats_browsers_5 -#

    #- counterize_stats_os_5 -#

    #- counterize_stats_ip_5 -#

    Here’s the result:

    And what’s with this setting? Capability needed to display the Counterize dashboard

    • Hi Hugh,

      You have to be sure that the correct dash is used. I think that WordPress replace automatically the minus dash (-) by a larger dash, which makes the statistics impossible to add excepted if you type the code in HTML view.

      The next version of Counterize, which I am working on, will use standard WordPress shortcodes and will not have this problem.

      If you can wait for about one week untill I release the next version, your problem will be fixed 🙂



    • I forgot to talk about the capability setting. If your blog has several users, for example authors, editors, administrators, etc, you may not want the authors to be able to see or modify the Counterize settings (for example). This settings let you set what capability is needed to be able to see the Counterize pages. Although I agree that I should do a less complicated setting.

  20. Counterize 3.1.0 is on its way, I only have to rewrite a function and I will send it to the SVN repository.

  21. Rick says:

    None of the browser of country modifiers work for me? Instead it just shows:
    Statistics recorded with Counterize – Version 3.1.3

  22. daniel says:

    yesss, I am gonna try it tonight!!

  23. eduturns says:

    Really cool plugin. I love the tables, particularly the nested tables. Wish there was a plugin just for that.

  24. Jacco says:

    I don’t understand how you can have more visitors per 30 minutes than you have per hour and how you can have more visitors in 30 minutes than you have in total?

    What the heck is that about? Don’t get a reply from the author and can’t yet seem to find this info on Google. Anyone have any insights for me please?

  25. sean says:

    hi….will i be able to add this multiple times in the same post? [ like a voteing system? Is there a different code or setting for this?
    great plugin..
    Best Regards

  26. Steve Kimpton says:

    [counterize type=”hits”] (as in the demo on this page) just gives me a link to

    I’m using WordPress 3.8

  27. Veeresha says:

    Can we use Counterize for Static HTML pages?

  28. marklopresti says:

    I’m just trying to use your one code counterize_getuniqueamount() on the page so that I can show “Unique Visitors = #”

    While I have seen the statement suggesting I can use these codes anywhere in WordPress, I have not seen an example of using these other codes.

    Would you mind showing one? I’m very green in front-end word.

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