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GabSoftware creates free and open source applications, and proposes some useful tips and tutorials.

Table of contents:

Latest news

Since a few days, the website is under a heavy login attack coming from China and Ukraine, with about one attack per minute. I don’t know what did I do to them, but they try to login in the website.

Message to the botnets owners: I know you try to hack my website. Why? Just so you know: I keep detailed statistics of every single IP failing to connect. If you continue to attack the website, I’ll end to simply block your countries from accessing the website, which I hope I will not have to do, because there are also lot of nice people in China and Ukraine (my wife being Chinese herself).

By the way I begin to have a nice IP database of your botnets, and it will be a pleasure to share it with some online bad IP databases.

Some news

Dear visitors,

It’s been several months since I posted any news on this website, and since I replied to comments also. I am currently working on a full-time basis in a French company, and I have to take care of my wife, leaving me with little to no free time. As a result, I cannot spend as much time as before to manage this website and update my products. Still, I want to give some news about GabSoftware, because even if I don’t reply to your comments, I still read them and I hear what you want to say.


Most comments being about the Counterize plugin, here is an official statement about it: I am aware of Counterize problems and limitations, and it needs some updates. Its current design makes it not adapted to websites with a lot of traffic, because it records any single request. This results in a very big database, which is a poor design to my point of view. In short, to make it right, I should rethink and rewrite it from scratch. But I currently do not have the time to do such a thing. If someone wants to continue its development, just contact me. The sources are already available.

OpenBSD tutorials

For the same reasons, I currently do not have the time to update my tutorials to the latest releases of OpenBSD.


Being silent does not mean that I do nothing. I still have a lot of projects, some for which the development has already begun, and some other projects that are still ideas.

My main projects now are :

  • Development of a sandbox video game (maybe opensource, I still don’t know)
  • GabPlayer 3
  • Updating GabNetStats to make it a multi-platform application

Dear visitors,

We are now in the process of updating our website and improving the user experience. During that time, if you find any problem related to display, accessibility, readability or any other problem, do not hesitate to report it in the comments of this post.

By the way, Internet Explorer 6 and 7 support has been dropped some time ago, but those browsers are still an important part of our audience. We kindly invite our users to upgrade to IE 9 if possible, or IE8 for Windows XP users.

Best regards,

Gabriel Hautclocq

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