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Counterize 3.1.1

I received tens of comments and emails yesterday about various issues with the new release of Counterize, and so I fixed most of the problems in a new version of Counterize (3.1.1).  Release notes:...


Chinese New Year and Counterize 3.1.0!

Dear users and readers, I will be unavailable for about 10 days because it’s the Chinese New Year there in China. I uploaded the new version of Counterize (3.1.0) into the WordPress repository so...

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Counterize 3.1.0 almost ready

Users of the much appreciated Counterize plugin for WordPress will be pleased to hear that the next version will be released pretty soon. It’s been several months without the plugin being updated, because of...

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Website update

The website has been updated: New front page with the latest news below the “Welcome” section Refreshed style-sheet Added support for post featured image Headers are now displayed correctly (they were previously all the...

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Counterize demo

This page demonstrates some of the statistics you can include in your posts and pages. The required code to obtain each table is given. Counterize adds one shortcode available in your editor. The most...

New “Tips” section 0

New “Tips” section

A new section was just opened in the website. Welcome to the tips section ! You will find here some experiences, advices, how-to, anything that we are willing to share if we think it...

Gab Captcha, an efficient captcha plugin for WordPress 1

Gab Captcha, an efficient captcha plugin for WordPress

Gab Captcha 1.0 GabSoftware proudly present its captcha plugin for the comment section of WordPress based blogs, Gab Captcha. Based on the simple but efficient Amcaptcha from Alexey Moskovsky (with great thanks), Gab Captcha...

New runtimes section 0

New runtimes section

It is now possible to have a global view of all the different runtimes you may need to run our applications. You can go to check this out here.

New website and happy new year 3

New website and happy new year

GabSoftware proudly present its brand new website ! It is based on the famous and reliable CMS WordPress. Why WordPress ? It fits our needs It’s very customizable Maintenance will be easier than before...