GabNetStats brings back the blinking XP network icon to Windows 7 notification area

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8 Responses

  1. Etc says:

    Unstable under Win 7 HP 64bit SP1.

  2. Could you tell me more about the instability you seem to experiment? So that I can correct the bug.

  3. Roger says:

    Works well on WOW-64 (Win 7 Ultimate)- No SP.

    Thank you very much! i have been looking for something like this for sooo long!

  4. @Roger: I’m glad you find it useful! Do not hesitate to report any problem as I haven’t had any feedback yet concerning some eventual issues.

  5. Tony says:

    can you put on the page on how to install it and uninstall ?
    I noticed I had to make a directory call GabNet
    Then I noticed in the “Notification Area” it had multiple notification icons for Gabnet ! It was weird.

    I tried installing and uninstalled the program a couple of times but it still left the “notification icon” then I searched the registry for any entries…but I figured out it was a lot easier to do a earlier restore to start again clean. I guess the only problem is the directory where it installs and the “notification area” multi Gabnet icons.

    Thanks for listening Gabriel

    Why would it have multi notification icons ?

  6. Hi Tony,

    GabNetStats does not need to be installed. Just put it in his own directory (for example, “C:\Program Files\GabSoftware\GabNetStats”) and run “gabnetstats.exe”.

    To uninstall it, if it was set to launch at Windows start, uncheck this option, then simply delete its folder.

    There is still one folder where its settings are stored, usually in “C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Application Data\GabSoftware”. You can delete any folder with the name “GabNetStats.exe_something” inside. You can even delete the whole GabSoftware folder if you don’t have any other of our applications installed.

    As for your problem to have many icons in your notification area, it is certainly because you somehow launched it several times.

    Hope this helps!


  7. guido says:

    i’ve been using gabnetstats for quite some time and like it a lot.
    I would like to monitor 2 network connection independently. For this reason I would like to start to instances of gabnetst. This is blocked by the program as it seems.
    Is there a switch to switch of this behaviour?

    • Gabriel Hautclocq says:


      It’s not possible at the moment. But it’s a good idea and I might add it in a next release.

      Meanwhile, feel free to fork GabNetstats on my GitHub account and implement it yourself if you feel like you could do it 🙂



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