GabSoftware provides various services.

  • Website design and creation : you have visions and ideas for a website ? GabSoftware can help you to make these visions and ideas to become a reality. Just go to the contact page to send us the details of your project. If you want to see the list of websites that we developed, be sure to visit our Cool Links page.
  • Custom software development : If you need someone to write a specific piece of software, you can send us your project and we will give you an answer soon about feasibility, pricing and amount of time to develop your project.
  • Slow computer, infected by malware, lost data, or got viruses ? If your Internet connection is still working, GabSoftware can help you to revert you computer to a clean and stable state, most of the time without reinstalling the operating system, using tele-maintenance. Prices ranges from FREE for a simple diagnostic to a maximum of 40€ per hour once problems have been diagnosed, price depending of the complexity of discovered problems. Again, feel free to contact us to tell about your problem. Notes : Payment in advance only if you don’t wish to reveal your identity, and complete resolution of problems can’t be guaranteed, though probability is high to get a positive result.
  • Computer upgrade advisory : We can provide advices if you wish to upgrade your computer. Just contact us to tell us your configuration, answer will be given soon.

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