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What’s new on GabSoftware


GabNetStats v1.1.1.3

GabNetStats has been updated to version So what’s new? Added Russian translation, thanks to Valerij Romanovskij Added Gnome theme Download binaries: Download sources:



We updated GabNetStats, our network monitoring and bandwidth statistics application, to version What’s new? New icon sets available: “gnome” and “win10”. The default is still “xp”. You can change the set in the...


AMP pages for mobile users

We just added the AMP version of our website for mobile users! Navigation should be much faster on mobile devices now. AMP = Accelerated Mobile Pages If you are not redirected automatically on the...

New theme, again!

Once again, the website has been updated with a new responsive theme! If you want to know, here’s why.


Website update

The website has been redesigned and is now fully responsive. It is still a work in progress, so what you see now is not the final result.

Some news 2

Some news

Dear visitors, It’s been several months since I posted any news on this website, and since I replied to comments also. I am currently working on a full-time basis in a French company, and...

Update 1

Website updates

Dear visitors, We are now in the process of updating our website and improving the user experience. During that time, if you find any problem related to display, accessibility, readability or any other problem,...

Counterize banner 20

Counterize 3.1.1

I received tens of comments and emails yesterday about various issues with the new release of Counterize, and so I fixed most of the problems in a new version of Counterize (3.1.1).  Release notes:...


Chinese New Year and Counterize 3.1.0!

Dear users and readers, I will be unavailable for about 10 days because it’s the Chinese New Year there in China. I uploaded the new version of Counterize (3.1.0) into the WordPress repository so...