Translation, language testing and proofreading

Translation, language testing and proofreading

We offer professional translation, language testing and proofreading services since 2010.

Translation service

We can help you to translate documents in the following language pairs:

    • English to French
    • English to Chinese
    • French to English *
    • French to Chinese
    • Chinese to English *
    • Chinese to French

We charge on a per-word basis. Our rates depend on how technical is the source and how fast it has to be done . Our rates are detailed in the table below:

Rates per translated word (in USD)
Language pair Standard rate Technical Urgent Urgent and technical
EN to FR 0.08 0.12 0.15 0.22
EN to CH 0.10 0.15
FR to EN * 0.08 0.12 0.15 0.22
FR to CH 0.15 0.25
CH to EN * 0.12 0.20
CH to FR 0.15 0.25

*: Not a native English speaker

If you prefer to pay us on a hourly basis, multiply the rate per word by 200 (for example, an EN to FR at standard rate will be $0.08 × 200 = $16 per hour).

Language testing and proofreading

We also provide a language testing and proofreading service. this can be done in the following languages:

    • French
    • Chinese

We charge by the hour. French language testing can be done on site if needed as long as plane tickets and accommodations are provided. Consider our rates below:

Rates per hour (in USD)
Language Standard rate Technical Urgent Urgent and technical On site
French 14.00 18.00 18.00 22.00 22.00
Chinese 12.00 17.00

If you prefer to pay on a per-word basis, divide the rate per hour by 200 (for example, French at standard rate will be $14 ÷ 200 = $0.07 per word).


  • We respect the typographical rules of each language (spacing, case, punctuation, numerals…)
  • We attach a particular importance on the quality of our work. Your satisfaction is our goal.
  • We accept other currencies than USD (eg: EUR, CNY, THB…) as long as the exchange rate is fair
  • Is considered technical:
    • Any document requiring specific technical knowledge to understand it properly
    • Any document requiring specific software to open it
    • Any manual
    • Any technical specifications
    • Any document about general or legal conditions (an EULA for example)
  • Is considered urgent:
    • Any translation that must be done within 48 hours after announcement
    • Any language testing or proofreading that must be done within the day of announcement

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