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Why donate?

Most of GabSoftware products are free and open-source, and you are not required to pay anything. However, I, Gabriel Hautclocq, developer of all the GabSoftware products, spent a lot of time and energy creating all those products, and always on my spare time. As with anything you do on your spare time, there are some lows and highs in motivation. Receiving a donation, even a small one, is very motivating and rewarding for me. If you like a product and want its development to be continued, please make a donation!

What will you do with my donation?

  • It will be used to pay the hosting of this website  first. It’s 35€ per 6 months.
  • Then, if I got enough, I will use it to pay the hosting of my other websites. It’s about 180€ per year.
  • Then the rest will be used by myself.

How to show your support

There are several ways to show your support:

  • You can make a donation. If you decide to donate, well, thousands thanks! That is the greatest reward for us!
  • You can give your suggestions and report issues
  • You can tell others about us, write articles…

If you decide to make a donation, just use the “Donate” button in the top-right corner of the screen and follow the instructions. We accept Paypal again.

After your donation is made, please contact us and tell us your name if you want to appear on the donator list.

We will try to keep updated the list of donators in the section below (if you prefer to be anonymous, you will be referred as “anonymous”).


  • Billy Willoughby was the first to contribute. Many thanks to him!
  • Nancy Harkey (many thanks!)
  • Opulentia (, thanks!)
  • Dr. Houston David Hughes (thanks !)
  • Christy Chauvin (thank you!)
  • Matt Mikka (thanks !)
  • Michael Schäfer (, thank you very much!)
  • Be the next one!


Q: Can you work on a specific product if I pay you?

A: Sure! Just contact us and we’ll find an agreement.

Q: Do you accept Bitcoins?

A: Yes, here is our donation address:


7 Responses

  1. Hi Luke,

    So far, I never had any problem with AlertPay. They are a safe alternative to Paypal. I cannot use Paypal, they blocked my account since mid-2010 and there seems to be no way to get it back.

    Thank you for your suggestion, I’ll think about it, it would be a great addition to Counterize 🙂

  2. Cristiane Roget says:

    Thank you for being an extension of a theme we are using for several of our websites. Your statistic/analytic breakdowns are priceless. I would make a lofty donation to your company if our current business models take off.

    In the mean time please reply to this email, and check out

    I would like to put up a little banner Ad to promote your services.
    (My donation). (You supply the Art work, 1 inch x 2 inches. 300dpi. (or what ever you have).

    Cristiane Roget

  3. Kathy Micheel says:

    I am very impressed and pleased with the results of using the Counterize PlugIn.

    I, too, would like the implementation of e-mailed results from the Counterize PlugIn or even a exportable/printable report to keep on file and to be shared with my advertisers.

    My donation will arrive shortly. This will not be a one time donation as my company continues to grow, I will not forget the person/company who provided my company with quality “traffic” proof.

    I am interested in having a better tracking system for broken links leading from our company’s website pages to better serve our advertisers and the readers of our website;

    Very grateful for all you do!
    Kathy Micheel

    “We are connecting people, multiple businesses, organizations and communities; one at a time thru Great Things South Dakota.”

  4. Christy Chauvin says:

    thanks for the plug in; best i have seen; donation made; keep up good work;

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