Download GabNetStats

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  1. Roger Bird says:

    Highly recommend. Where have you been all my life.

  2. Planto says:

    thanks.. 😉

  3. Al says:

    great program,rebuilding puter,thanks! Al

  4. chui bim says:

    thx a lot

  5. Claus says:

    It is one of the tiny programs you can’t live without it.
    Thanks a lot for this handy tool.

  6. Steve says:

    Love this app – thank you! thank you! But what’s the ‘specify bandwidth (multicolor icon)’ do? Added in my up and download speed but the icon stays the same colour

  7. Peter Pahn says:

    It´s back – and much, much better than before: The final network info stats in Win 7! Merci, Gabriel.

  8. Rossini says:

    multicolor,icon stays the same colour

  9. JJ says:

    thanks for programing this nice tool.
    I want to show one gabnetstat Icon per interface (I have 2)
    Two things prevent that:
    1. Gabnetstat only permits ine instance runing
    2. There seems no way to have ist show only one interface right from the start (like comand line option )
    What can i do?

  10. JJ says:

    One more remark:
    Gabnetstat 1.007 dowes not use the config file in it’s Folder but instead in user/appdata/local folder

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