Useless icon in Windows Vista/Seven
The useless icon in action in Windows 7

If you installed Windows Vista, Windows Seven or newer, you probably already noticed that Microsoft removed the blinking icon which provides informations about the network interfaces traffic and connectivity in the system tray. The new icon does not give you any information about incoming and outgoing traffic activity, and now only give you the choice to open the Network and Sharing Center and to resolve connectivity problems, no direct access to the network interfaces of your computer is provided anymore. This is a notable regression in functionality, if you come from the 2000/XP world. Luckily, there is a solution.

GabNetStats is a small utility that restores the blinking network indicator back in the notification area of your Windows Vista or Windows Seven operating system, among other features. It visually looks like exactly the same as the icon  found in the Window XP system tray and blinks depending on network traffic. Here is an overview of the features of GabNetStats :

  • Blinking icon with customizable refresh speed for a quick overview of network traffic and status.

    GabNetStats icon in system tray

    GabNetStats looks like exactly as the icon found in Windows XP

  • Direct access to the network adapters settings and to various network configuration related applets using an intuitive and visually appealing context menu, no need to pass through the tedious Network and Sharing Center anymore. Ethernet, Bluetooth and Wireless 802.11x network interfaces are supported.

Overview of the GabNetStats context menu

  • Quick view of which network adapter is connected or not, as well as its maximum speed; if connected, the IP address and the current connection speed will be displayed .

    IP address shown in GabNetStats context menu

    IP address shown in the context menu

  • Simple and instantaneous network statistics pop-up when left-clicking on the notification area icon. You can define which network adapter participates to the statistics in the “Network adapters” context menu. The refresh rate is the same as the one for the notification area icon.
    Picture of the simple network traffic statistics window
    Overview of the simple network traffic statistics pop-up

  • Advanced network statistics when clicking on the “advanced” button
    • IPv4 and IPv6 protocols statistics
    • Per interface statistics
    • Global statistics
    • TCP & UDP statistics
    • TCP & UDP connections and listeners
    • ICMP statistics
    • Statistics are updated in real-time, using the same time interval as for the blinking icon
    • Overview of the advanced statistics window :

Picture of the advanced network traffic statistics window

  • Low system resources consumption
  • No installation required. Just run the executable !
  • Last but not least, GabNetStats is FREE for personal use ! (*)

If you miss these functionalities in your Windows Vista/Seven operating system, then this utility is a must-have !

System requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, Seven or newer Microsoft operating system
  • x86 and x64 platforms are supported
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or newer is required to run GabNetStats
  • About 30 MB of free RAM
  • About 1.5 MB on a storage device


Do not wait any longer, download GabNetStats.

Current version

GabNetStats is currently in version


(*) : This product is free for personal use. Corporate use is however subject to restrictions. For corporate use, please contact us.