Counterize 3.1.0 almost ready

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  1. Robert says:

    Dear Sirs, thank you for your plugin.
    I’ve installed it and I notice that there are IPs visiting the blog hundreds of times.
    I’ve checked the origin.
    They are crawlers/bots from google, msn, yahoo etc etc
    I there any possibility to fill an exclude IP list? Like in the first original counterize?
    IPs in that list should not be even logged: nothing.
    Thank you for any reply

    • Hi Robert,

      Firstly, could you tell me the version of your Counterize?

      Second, did you checked the “Enable bots logging” option? If yes, then uncheck it and save the options.

      The IP addresses in the “Comma-separated list of IP to exclude from the statistics” field should not be counted in the statistics; if they are, then you found a bug and I should fix it 🙂

      • Robert says:

        Hi Gabriel
        sorry for this late answer and sorry also for the switch, it was “too much small” to see it :-))

        Now I’ve disabled the “Enable bots logging”. Let’s see.

        Kind regards

  2. Benjamin Eakin says:

    Hi, Gabriel:

    Just installed Counterize a couple of days ago and like it very much. I created a sitemap online today and my hits suddenly jumped to over 500 for this morning. I looked and Enable Bots Logging was not checked, so don’t know why it would count all those hits. I tried enabling bots logging, saving the changes, then disabling bots logging to see if that makes a difference. Any ideas? I’m using WordPress 3.5.1 and Counterize 3.1.4. I’m at



  3. Benjamin Eakin says:

    Sorry, I should have said I’m using the current version of Counterize: 3.1.5.


  4. Muhannad says:


    My customer is using counterize and he is very really happy with it , suddenly it is not counting anymore visits everyday counts 0 visits , i checked the error after activating the WP_DEBUG nothing significant .

    we are looking for your help even if it would paid .

    Hope you will see this , please contact me soon .

    thank you,

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