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Custom Registration Link is a plugin for WordPress.


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  • Hi
    I really like the concept of your plugin however it does not appear to work on the latest copy of Wordpress that is built on the Genesis framework.
    Could you please let me know if there is any way of making this work.
    Thank you

    • Hi Raoul,

      I do not know anything about WordPress build on the Genesis Framework. But I can try to help you. What happens when you install the plugin? Could you send a screenshot to show the problem, and a link to your website ?

      Best regards,


  • I use the Genesis framework and the plugin works great.

    BTW, thanks for such a useful plugin. I was getting close to 200 spam registrations/posts per day and it was frustrating, at best. I gave a five star at WordPress.

    • Thanks Deborah :) It's good to know that it can work with the Genesis Framework. Now waiting for the Raoul answer.

  • Hi Guys,
    Finished a lot of other stuff and returned to setting up a custom login.
    I was very happy to hear Deborah's comments and tried again to get the custom login going... no luck unfortunately.

    No problem with the install or configuration.

    When I go to login it just goes straight to the normal login page.
    When I enter the custom login which is
    "" It goes to a 404 redirect.

    I suspect there must be something else that it is conflicting with.

    Hope you can assist



    • Hi,

      There is currently a misunderstanding about what the plugin can do. It can only change the "register" part in "wp-login.php?action=register". I should definitely update the description to mention it.

      I take good note of your comment thought, it would be awesome if we were able to specify a completely custom registration link.

      Sorry that my plugin cannot do what you want :/

      • So what does the plugin actually do then, how are you supposed to use it. I tried to do the same as Raoul with the same result. But now I am confused about what this plugin actually does and how it can be used.

  • I've installed the plug-in. It appears to be at least blocking new registrations but I am unclear as to how to proceed to set my installation up so that a legitimate registrant can actually register. What else do I have to do besides install and activate the plug-in?

    • Still getting spam memberships. I have now removed the Meta widget from my sidebar.

    • I now have the plug-in working. I immediately started receiving spam memberships again. I suspect this is because I displayed Register as the text of the link. I have now changed the text to something less obvious but still understandable to real people.


  • Hi - doesn't work for me. If I go to the old register page it says registration is not allowed.

    In the settings you have a default register page as "join_us".
    Going to that link gives a 404.

  • I just added your site to my favorites. I really enjoy reading your posts. Thanks!

  • Your Custom Registration Link plugin works well, but it generates PHP error messages when WP_DEBUG is enabled, saying variable $crl_plugin_dir is not defined.

    I fixed this in my copy by declaring that variable as a global where it is first defined and again inside the functions that use it.

  • I really love this plugin, but it is blocking my password protected pages as well. Whether you are logged in or not, you are unable to access the password protected pages. Is there a fix for this?