Download GabCopyPaste

You can download GabCopyPaste here:

  • Source package (does not include the sources of GabKeyboardHook, available separately, but its binary is still provided)
  • Compiled binaries package (x86 and x64, compiled with ANY architecture setting)


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  • Dear Author of GabCopyPaste,
    This clipboad extender is small and simple, but useful.
    I don't understand: where are saved my clips for future
    use? For example: tomorrow I want to proceeded my work.
    Backup at least permanent clips (in slots) is solution
    very important for everyday use.
    Best regards, Jacek Zebrowski.

  • Dear Author of GabCopyPaste.
    It's great soft, but I can't use it:
    1) it's load CPU for maximum, and I forced to kill it.
    2) once it give a error connected with NetFramework
    3) for copy from exel - it can't use ctrl+digit - this key already existed in exel. usually use keyboard repeater - so they can't use numlock

    is it possible to change key for copy?
    Best Regards