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GabNetStats is a system utility who restores the blinking icon of Windows XP in the notification area for showing network traffic activity, and more.

Download GabNetStats executable (latest release)

Download GabNetStats source code (clone with Git or download as ZIP)


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  • It is one of the tiny programs you can't live without it.
    Thanks a lot for this handy tool.

  • Love this app - thank you! thank you! But what's the 'specify bandwidth (multicolor icon)' do? Added in my up and download speed but the icon stays the same colour

    • Hello Steve, you can specify your network interface bandwidth capability. If you use it for internet, input your internet bandwidth. Then depending on how fast you download or send, the color should change accordingly.

  • It´s back - and much, much better than before: The final network info stats in Win 7! Merci, Gabriel.

    • It means the current speed is much lower than the bandwidth capacity you defined. Double-check the units.

  • Hello,
    thanks for programing this nice tool.
    I want to show one gabnetstat Icon per interface (I have 2)
    Two things prevent that:
    1. Gabnetstat only permits ine instance runing
    2. There seems no way to have ist show only one interface right from the start (like comand line option )
    What can i do?

  • One more remark:
    Gabnetstat 1.007 dowes not use the config file in it's Folder but instead in user/appdata/local folder

    • Hi JJ, the file in GabNetStats folder is for the default settings, then any custom configuration will be saved in the user AppData\local\GabNetStats.exe_Url_randomstring folder.

  • I like so very much this (free) tool: thank you!
    Please what mean different colors of circular connectivity icons (using auto-ping)?
    Green and red ones are obvious, but orange and grey ones?
    Many thanks!

    • Grey is only temporary, before any ping is done
      Green is ping ok
      Orange is one ping failure (happens sometimes)
      Red is many ping failures

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