Gab Captcha 2 plugin for WordPress

GabSoftware proudly presents its captcha plugin for the comment section of WordPress blogs, Gab Captcha 2.

Gab Captcha 2 settings

Gab Captcha 2 is an efficient and simple captcha plugin for WordPress comments.

It adds an easy turing test before each comment form. The turing test consist in typing the characters that appear emphasized and red in a text field. The plugin will add an entry in your WordPress administration area to let you configure some options.

Gab Captcha 2 currently comes in two languages: English (default) and French. You are welcome to propose your own translation or to update existing ones, especially the English one as I am not a native English speaker.

Important notes

  1. This plugin requires Javascript to be able to post a comment.
  2. This plugin can automatically approve valid comments depending on your settings.
  3. This plugin requires PHP 5 to function.

Gab Captcha 2 in action


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

1. Extract and upload the directory “gabcaptcha2” and all its content to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Optional but recommended :
3. Change the options to fit your needs in the ‘Settings > Gab Captcha 2’ menu in your WordPress administration area
4. If you don’t want to receive an email after each spam has been catches:
4.1. Go to the ‘Settings > Discussion’ menu
4.1.1. Tick the following checkboxes:
“E-mail me whenever > Anyone posts a comment”
“Before a comment appears > An administrator must always approve the comment”
“Before a comment appears > Comment author must have a previously approved comment”
4.1.2. Uncheck the following checkbox:
“E-mail me whenever > A comment is held for moderation”
4.2. Go to the ‘Settings > Gab Captcha 2’ menu
4.2.1 Choose ‘yes’ for ‘Automatically approve comments who passed the test’

You will now receive an email only after a valid comment has been posted.


To uninstall Gab Captcha, simple deactivate the plugin then remove the gabcaptch2 directory from your ‘/wp_content/plugins’ directory.

With Gab Captcha, spam should now be a thing of the past !

You can download Gab Captcha in the downloads section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gab Captcha unbeatable by spambots?

Definitely not. But it stopped all my spam as of today (getting about 100 spams every single day).

Can I change some settings for Gab Captcha 2?

Yes. Go to the ‘Settings > Gab Captcha 2’ menu in your WordPress administration area.

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  • It's not anything I've ever done before, but I've been told I've got the right mind for programming. I saw it and thought "Well this should be fun!" and went ahead and did it. Took me a while, as I've never really used all that much javascript before and didn't know what anything was. That said, it made a great break from work!

  • Hi Alan,
    It is displaying as it should for me, using Opera. Could you send a link to the screenshot of the problem?

  • Okay I understand the problem. The way your theme has been conceived, each of your field is inside a TABLE TD element. The captcha insert itself right after the url field, so in the same TD element as the url field...

    Unfortunately there is no way for GabCaptcha to know where to insert itself precisely.

    If you can, try to edit your theme comment section so that it does not use TABLE and TD elements.

    I will try to find another way to insert the captcha to fit themes like yours.



  • I noticed when looking at the source for it, you're using both <strong> and <span> for it. I feel you'd be better off if you just use one type, and change the font-size/color based on the class. Otherwise someone trying to spam could just look for the contents of the <strong> tags. Not sure if you already handled this somehow, but figured I'd put it out there.

    • Hi Chris,

      Yes, you are right, but that is also true for classes. I think that a spam bot programmed to crack GabCaptcha could do it rather easily using some simple regular expressions. As long as there is a pattern to find, regular expressions can solve it.

      However, you can check in the options, there are 3 levels of security, and the strongest one only uses CSS.

  • Just installed it on my blog (WordPress v3.3) but I do not get a Settings option for in the Plugins section for Gab Captcha 2.

    And the plugin is not working. Any advice? (Yes, it is activated)

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