IP Filter


IP Filter is a plugin for WordPress. It lets you grant or deny access to your website using a list of IP addresses.


  • Filtered visitors will get a 403 Forbidden page.
  • Two filters available: “grant” (IP Filter IP list will act as a white list) and “deny” (it will act as a black list). The default filter type is “deny”
  • Wildcard character “*” allowed to filter a group of IPv4 addresses
  • Blocked IP addresses can be logged
  • The error message is customizable and can contain HTML
  • IP addresses to be filtered can be typed in a text zone. Here is a list of what you can put in this text zone:
    • Free format, you are not limited to put one IP address per line
    • Comments are allowed and will be ignored by IP Filter, but they should not contain IP addresses and the “*” character
    • IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are allowed
    • Wildcard character “*” is accepted for IPv4 but it must represent a complete field. IP addresses without wildcard can’t be truncated. Examples:
      • Correct:
      • Correct: 10.20.*.40
      • Correct: 10.*.*.*
      • Correct: 10.*
      • Correct: *.20
      • Correct: *
      • Incorrect: 10.2*
      • Incorrect: 10.20
      • Incorrect: 10.2*.30.40

Be careful to not block yourself!


IP Filter settings page


If you happen to block yourself, remember that you still can access your administration area by typing the URL “/wp-admin/” after your domain name. Additionnally, you can also add the URL parameter “ipfilter_bypass” to bypass the filter (eg: “http://www.mysite.com/?ipfilter_bypass”).


The installation of IP Filter is very easy. Just extract the plugin directory into your wp-content/plugins directory, and add the IP addresses to filter in the IP Filter options page.

Get it!

Download IP Filter

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