New theme, again!

Once again, the website has been updated with a new responsive theme! If you want to know, here’s why.

Four months ago, we made the move to a new theme for several reasons. First, our design was becoming old, and second, it was required to follow Google new requirements.

However the previous theme was not very attractive to our users and while it was adaptive design, it was not very convenient and not really beautiful. Also, there were some issues with the menus.

That’s why we’ve made the decision to redesign the website. We decided to try the great Hueman theme from AlxMedia. So we’re happy to introduce to you this new theme, and hope you’ll like it as much as we do!

Enjoy your reading on GabSoftware. And remember: if you register, you won’t see the ads.

This post was last modified on 12 September 2017 21:52

" Gabriel Hautclocq : ."

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  • It's nice, if I were to offer any critique it may be that it is a bit too busy but that has more to do that my taste borders on the ascetic :). Oh, and your menu button "Forum" doesn't work right now, just FYI.

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