We updated GabNetStats, our network monitoring and bandwidth statistics application, to version

What’s new?

  • New icon sets available: “gnome” and “win10”. The default is still “xp”. You can change the set in the settings. You can also create your own icon sets!
    “gnome” icon set
    “win10” icon set
  • New auto-ping feature. If you use a mobile internet connection (3G, 4G, Wi-Max…), even if the wifi signal strength is good, does not mean that the internet connection actually works. You can now enable this optional feature in the settings. It can display 4 new icons in the notification area:
    Internet connectivity undefined (you will see it one time right after application startup)
    Internet connectivity OK (you can access the internet)
    Internet connectivity failed once (it can happen that a ping fails sometimes)
    Internet connectivity issue (ping failed several times, generally it indicates a connectivity problem)
    This additional icon also display the popup on left click, and the context menu on right click. The host to ping is configurable in the settings.
  • Re-sizable popup!
  • Added a settings button on the popup
  • Average speed now exclude the minimum and maximum stored values for better average speed calculation
  • Fixed a few potential crashes
  • Now network traffic icon and speeds also include ipv6 traffic
  • Now requires .NET Framework 4.6

If you find any issue, please contact us!

You can find GabNetStats sources on our GitHub repository. You can also find pre-compiled binaries in the Releases section. Here’s a link to the latest release.

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