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  • Hi Yuji,

    I think that Windows Seven doesn't have such icon, so I cannot use it. However I think that Vista came with an updated icon.

    Theming is planned for a next version ;)

    As for the menu, I don't know which menu in particular do you speak about.


  • Gabriel,
    Thanks to your guide I finally got Gnome installed on OpenBSD. I figured out where my mistake was :) Thank you soo soo soo much for taking your time and explaining things without all the elitist attitude other people use.
    I do have one other question regarding OpenBSD. The current FreeBSD emulation package is woefully out of date and for use on i386 systems. Would it be possible to replace the old FreeBSD system files used in the package - with updated 64 bit system files and run FreeBSD emulation without having to tweak the configuration files much ?
    Thank you again sir for all your help. I look forward to seeing your response :)

  • Hi I followed this link to contact you about the gLastFM plugin for Wordpress, which I've just started using and it works very well - THANK YOU. Some suggestions for you to make the plugin more user customisable... or better (IMHO).

    1. Lose the CD border on the album images. CDs don't look like that anymore and it's unnecessary and out-of-date looking (but not retro cool). Just the simple album art would look better.
    2. Similarly - if Last FM doesn't have the artwork, don't put that "blank CD" graphic. It looks nasty on the sidebar of my blog, especially if I have been listening to a bunch of obscure stuff in a row. It would be cool if the user could select their own graphic for artwork "missies", or if you just used something more neutral.

    That's it - otherwise love the plug-in and would be happy to donate if some more development is done.

    Thanks for listening to my points.

  • Hi
    Im have a problem with CII upgrade see below
    /Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or '}' in /homez.338/acert/www/wp-content/plugins/counterize/counterize_feed.php on line 19/
    what can i do

    • Hi there,

      You probably have PHP 4. Counterize requires PHP 5 to run, and so does WordPress 3.3, the required version to run the last version of Counterize.

      I will make it more clear in the readme.txt file and the Counterize homepage that Counterize requires PHP 5.

      If you can't upgrade to PHP 5, I suggest that you reinstall the previous version of Counterize (Counterize II), which is not supported by the way.

  • Hello, and thanks for this plugin, I have a question:

    - if this plugin doesn't press server. because I'm using shared server, not dedicated.

    • Hi Reza,
      What do you mean by press server?
      I'm using Counterize on shared hosting myself and never had a problem. Of course my websites are not so famous so the audience is limited, but I think you can give it a try.

  • Hi, I noticed that counterize installed many addional plugins last update. The list of plugins only by this plugins enlarged my plugin list for more than 1/2. ^^
    But I got an important issue: Counterize is making reloads to the blogs header everytime clicking another menu title. This even happens sometimes when I'm logged in as admin. Is there a known workaround that the header is not loading everytime a visitor is cklickung on the menu?
    I tried to remove some java-codes from the function.php and the css working in the header. But it made no effect... Only if I deactivate counterize the blog behaves without refreshing header if clicked on menu items....

    • Hi Jeromy,

      What do you mean by "Counterize is making reloads to the blogs header everytime clicking another menu title"? Maybe you could illustrate the problem with a screenshot so that I can understand the problem better :)

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