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Dear visitors,

It’s been several months since I posted any news on this website, and since I replied to comments also. I am currently working on a full-time basis in a French company, and I have to take care of my wife, leaving me with little to no free time. As a result, I cannot spend as much time as before to manage this website and update my products. Still, I want to give some news about GabSoftware, because even if I don’t reply to your comments, I still read them and I hear what you want to say.


Most comments being about the Counterize plugin, here is an official statement about it: I am aware of Counterize problems and limitations, and it needs some updates. Its current design makes it not adapted to websites with a lot of traffic, because it records any single request. This results in a very big database, which is a poor design to my point of view. In short, to make it right, I should rethink and rewrite it from scratch. But I currently do not have the time to do such a thing. If someone wants to continue its development, just contact me. The sources are already available.

OpenBSD tutorials

For the same reasons, I currently do not have the time to update my tutorials to the latest releases of OpenBSD.


Being silent does not mean that I do nothing. I still have a lot of projects, some for which the development has already begun, and some other projects that are still ideas.

My main projects now are :

  • Development of a sandbox video game (maybe opensource, I still don’t know)
  • GabPlayer 3
  • Updating GabNetStats to make it a multi-platform application

" Gabriel Hautclocq : ."

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  • I love counterize but I understand not having the time to do things. Is there a way to download all the data I have from the last two years of using counterize? I would hate to lose all of it. Thanks in advance. Lisa

    • Hi Lisa,

      You can do a manual backup of the SQL data using tools like PHPMyAdmin for example.