Website update


The website has been redesigned and is now fully responsive. It is still a work in progress, so what you see now is not the final result.

We used the excellent MegaResponsive Lite theme as a base, and the website will evolve from it gradually. We believe that this new design is an important and necessary move, and hope that you will find our articles pleasant to read. As a side effect, the website is loading much faster now.

We also set Github repositories for several of our products. Our Github homepage is This is also an important and necessary move as it makes it easy for everyone to fork and contribute to our projects, and also for us to contribute to other projects.

Finally, we officially announce the end of the support for our Counterize plugin. Without any update for more than 2 years due to lack of time, the plugin is now mostly outdated compared to the concurrence, and probably not compatible with the latest versions of WordPress. So we would be pleased if someone could take over the development of the plugin.

This post was last modified on 25 August 2015 23:22

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